Two more powerful models added to MF 8S range

By Chris McCullough

  • TWO new models have been added to the MF 8S range of tractors pushing the range power over the 300hp benchmark
  • Enhancing the existing four model range are the new MF 8S.285 and MF 8S.305 at 285hp and 305hp respectively

In the 270hp to 305hp bracket Massey Ferguson now offers a choice of 7.4-litre engine power in the 3.05m wheelbase MF 8S, or an 8.4-litre engine in a 3.10m wheelbase on the MF 8700 S, all with the option of the Dyna-VT transmission.

At 305hp the MF 8S.305 is the new range flagship, which comes equipped with the Dyna-VT transmission and Massey Ferguson’s ‘Exclusive’ specification as standard.

Maximum power of 305hp is available at 1,850rpm, all the time without Engine Power Management (EPM). Thanks to a unique, flat torque curve, its maximum torque of 1,280Nm is delivered at engine speeds between 1,000rpm to 1,500rpm.

‘Exclusive’ specification provides productivity and comfort enhancing features including Datatronic 5 and MF vDisplay terminals, active cab suspension, automatic air-suspended seat with dual motion Dynamic Damping System, Multifunction armrest and Multipad controls, four electric spool valves and 16 LED working lights.

The Massey Ferguson Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission (CVT) is standard on the MF 8S.305 and an option on all other models.

A new Automatic Mode allows operators to use the Multipad lever or foot pedal to alter forward speed, while it automatically sets the optimum engine rpm according to the load and speed.

The Super Eco version of Dyna-VT delivers high efficiency, enabling the tractor to achieve a top speed of 40km/h at just 1,450rpm.

All MF 8S Dyna-VT tractors also come equipped, as standard, with ‘Exclusive’ specification package and a larger fuel tank, offering higher capacity on the top model for long working days.

The new MF 8S.285 delivers a maximum power of 285hp, with a 20hp boost from Engine Power Management (EPM) taking this up to 305hp for specific tasks including transport, PTO work and to meet high hydraulic demands.

It is available with a choice of Efficient or Exclusive specification packages to suit all operations, applications, and investment levels.

MF 8S models from the MF 8S.285 down to the MF 8S.205, can be specified with either the new Dyna-VT Super ECO, latest Dyna E-Power Dual Clutch or Dyna-7 semi-powershift transmissions.

Dyna E-Power Dual Clutch provides a total of 28 forward and reverse speeds with optimum efficiency to deliver best in class fuel economy, along with the comfort of seamless shifting while transmitting maximum power to the ground.

By also, uniquely, employing the Dual Clutch technology on the ranges it provides the efficiency benefits of a fully mechanical powershift without any torque interruption. This reduces power loss by up to 26% at higher speeds, delivering fuel savings up to 5%.

Alternatively, Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-7, semi-powershift transmission provides straightforward and efficient operation of a total of 28 forward and reverse speeds in four ranges and seven seamless gears.