Tyre choice improves sprayer accuracy

Whether operating a self-propelled, mounted, or trailed sprayer, tyre choice can be influenced by many things including the type of terrain and weight impact of any implement, and as Rebecca Sheddon at Continental explains, application accuracy and making the best use of any product applied is of utmost importance.

“Fitting Very High Flexion (VF) tyres to tractors operating sprayers or self-propelled machines, such as Continental’s TractorMaster VF range, will offer enhanced grip, better load carrying capability and can help mitigate harmful soil damage caused by heavy sprayers on fields.

“The modern sprayer has a busy workload and transitions from road to field several times during a day, so fitting a tyre that can adapt with the varying terrain and surfaces is essential for all machines to feel stable in operation and increase reliability,” says Rebecca.

VF tyres can carry 40% more load than a standard tyre at the same pressure, which can improve boom stability as the tyres transfer less movement from impacts on the ground to the machine.

“Incorrectly inflated tyres will negatively impact on boom stability, as forces felt on the ground will be transferred to the boom. The TractorMaster VF has become a popular choice for operators wishing to reduce tyre pressures to lower compaction but maintain weight-carrying ability in less than ideal conditions.

“Running VF tyres should be a key consideration for operators as the different forces that an unfolded boom can transfer to the tyres, especially when operating on hillsides, should be properly considered, and accounted for, to help extend the life of the tyre,” she concludes.