Tyres covered for harvest damage

  • Continental is supporting all of its agricultural tyres, including its harvester tyres, with a 10-year warranty

 The warranty will cover farmers in the unlikely event of a materials or manufacturing failure and it also offers some reassurance against stubble damage and field hazards.

Common complaints with all agricultural tyres include unforeseen damage caused by field use and imperfections in the composition of the tyre. Tom Godwin, Continental UK Sales Manager says:

“Modern farming techniques demand that tyres are hard wearing, and farmers can’t afford to lose time through tyres failing. Our agricultural tyres have been tested to much higher tolerances than ever before and we are confident to support this by offering our customers a 10-year warranty.”

The warranty covers all Continental TractorMaster and CombineMaster tyres including very high flexion (VF) tyres and hybrid tyres manufactured since 1st August, 2017, in Continental’s purpose-built manufacturing facility near Lousado, Portugal.

“Continental has invested €2.5 million in an agriculture-focussed research and evaluation centre to develop tyres that help meet these concerns. We hope that this warranty shows farmers that we believe in that research and that we are willing to help buyers if a tyre does not perform the way they need it to,” says Mr Godwin.

The CombineMaster harvester tyre has a unique Hexa bead construction that is safer on the road and helps reduce soil compaction in the field. Like the TractorMaster tyre, it also features Continental’s patented N.Flex Technology, a nylon layer that sits beneath the rubber to help the tyre return to its original shape following impacts and heavy use.

“Tractor and combine tyres reach high temperatures during road use at harvest time. When parked overnight the tyres cool to the shape of the parked position, creating so called flat spots. When the machine is used again the operator will experience ride disturbance because the tyres are not a perfect circle. N.Flex reduces the occurrence of flat spots, provides a more comfortable ride and will help protect the tyre against damage,” concludes Mr Godwin.

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