TYRI delivers custom made lighting in collaboration with Massey Ferguson

TYRI, industry leader in lighting for heavy vehicles, has been working alongside Massey Ferguson to create exclusive custom lighting for their new tractor series. TYRI develop the lighting to create character features as well as brand recognition in the design of Massey Ferguson’s new range as well as delivering on performance.

The requirement was to produce quality headlights and work lights both in halogen and LED with an “automotive style” look. The lighting would be part of the brand-based communication in the tractor series’ design. As standard practice in the automotive industry – lighting is used to develop the character-generating features that create brand recognition in the details of the design.

To make this possible, TYRI was consulted early in the design process and invited to their start-up meeting in Beauvais, France, where Massey Ferguson’s headquarters and design centres are located. During the process, frequent reconciliation meetings were held both on site in France, but also in Sweden and via virtual meetings.



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