Update for the Horsch Focus 3 TD

  • Due to multiple requests from customers, with the Focus 3 TD HORSCH launches a three-metre version of the well-proven StripTill line. For medium-sized farms, it is an optimum solution for combining strip cultivation and sowing.

The Focus 3 TD excels due to its high efficiency. The customer can dispose of all well-known equipment options of the Focus line and thus can ideally adapt his machine to his likes and the requirements of the farm.

It mainly is the steel hopper that distinguishes the three-metre-wide Focus from the larger working widths. The hopper has a capacity of 3500 litres with a 60:40 ratio.

The tyre packer guarantees a targeted, deep consolidation. The resulting seed-soil contact leaves an optimum seedbed in front of the seed coulters. There are different tools in front of the packer for levelling, ridge forming or crumbling – depending on the intended use. Upon request the tools can be adjusted hydraulically from the cabin.

The Focus line is well-known for its various equipment options for different crops and conditions. Among others, the HORSCH MiniDrill and the TurboEdge or the TurboDisc seed coulters are part of the basic equipment. The MiniDrill G&F with a capacity of approx. 400 litres is ideal for a third component resp. as a third hopper seed. Thus, the efficiency of the machine when sowing rape almost doubles and the farmer saves valuable sowing time.

Different seed coulters for perfect results: When sowing into a soil with less harvest residues we recommend the TurboDisc seed coulter. The TurboEdge coulter guarantees an intensive removal of the harvest residues from the seed furrow and, due to an integrated press wheel at the sowing body, a perfect depth control. The seed coulter perfectly adapts to the soil and guarantees a precise placement of the seed.