Valtra focuses on smart technology in 70th year with new tractor launches

IT’S a busy time for the Finns at Valtra as the company celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2021 by launching a host of new tractors and gizmos.

Steeped in tractor manufacturing history Valtra has just unveiled its new 5th generation N Series and T Series tractors both brimming with new tech and smart solutions.

When Valtra started 70 years ago the focus was on the mechanisation of agriculture, but these days it’s all about digitalisation and precision farming technology.

Jari Rautjärvi, Valtra managing director, said: “The advancements that began 70 years ago keep on going and accelerating. Thanks to persistent product development work, our tractors have now reached their fifth generation.

“Now our customers expect smart solutions from Valtra. We are making big investments in our factory in Suolahti, Finland. The new logistics centre was just launched, and a new paint shop will begin construction this summer.”

The pace of development continues as rapidly as ever as Valtra strives to further improve services and tractors according to customer needs.

Bearing in mind that in the future new regulations such as the EU Green Deal, global environmental standards and changes in weather and farming conditions bring new challenges to farmers, Valtra says it is ready.

Mikko Lehikoinen, Valtra director sales and marketing, added: “Reductions in fertilizers and spraying and the need to improve soil productivity are drivers for precision farming which in turn improves profitability.

“Our customers need smart machines and seamless data transfer between machines and farm management software. Valtra solutions, such as SmartTouch, Valtra Guide auto-guidance and smart farming services such as Valtra Connect, help farmers achieve these goals. The share of smart solutions is rapidly increasing and Valtra is at the forefront of the movement,” he said.

Following the launch of the G Series last year and the A Series at the start of this year, Valtra has continued its development into the fifth generation by introducing its new N and T Series tractors.

These new tractors feature redesigned cabs, a new look, new transmission and engine features, and a completely new smart display which make it easy to use the new machines and adopt smart farming technology.

One of the most visible new features on 5th generation N and T Series tractors is the display on the A-pillar, which replaces the traditional instrument panel behind the steering wheel and where all the important information can be easily seen on the colour screen.

The top of the display always shows default information, such as the driving speed, engine speed and time. Below that, the operator can select information for controlling the tractor and implement, precisely in the desired format. The display also shows the radio station and smartphone information over Bluetooth.

The same display can also be used on HiTech and Active models to make all engine, hydraulics and transmission settings. The display presents all settings and stages clearly, allowing the operator to get much more out of the tractor. On Versu and Direct models, the A-pillar display and SmartTouch divide the tasks according to suitability and also the preferences of the operator.

Inside the new cab the steering column is completely new, and adjusting the position of the steering wheel is now easier. Valtra’s acclaimed forward-reverse shuttle lever has been updated, making it now easier to change directions when switching between different controls such as the SmartTouch lever or the TwinTrac shuttle. The steering wheel is a little bigger than before but still handy in size, as is characteristic for Valtra tractors.

Starting off in the B and C speed ranges is easy, even with a heavy load, thanks to the new Start Boost feature. Changing between speed ranges is now faster, which is noticeable especially at road speeds.

In SmartTouch models, the right side of the cab has been redesigned, and the seat swivels even more to the right. The right control panel also has a handy phone holder and optional USB charging points for mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

The upper part of the backrest on the new generation Valtra Evolution seat swivels with the driver and also provides support when the driver has partially turned around to look at the implement at the rear.

A higher-quality dark Premium interior is available as an option in the cab and includes, for example, a leather-covered steering wheel, partially chrome pedals and rubber padding at the bottom of the storage compartments.

Around two in three new Valtra tractors are equipped with automated steering or advanced smart farming solutions already today. Customers can also specify their new N or T Series tractor with Valtra Guide autoguidance and smart farming features such as Task Doc and Section Control. Task data can be transferred seamlessly between the tractor and farm management software.

The brand-new Auto U-Pilot combines Valtra’s innovative headland management system with Valtra Guide. Auto U-Pilot controls the implement with more precision in the headland, reducing the amount of attention required by the operator and making their job easier.

The amount of software options is increasing rapidly with the growth of smart farming technology, and Valtra customers can easily update the latest features to their SmartTouch tractors.

The specially equipped 70 anniversary ‘Limited Redition’ models in the T Series (T174e to T254) feature a deep red metallic paint reminiscent of Valtra’s roots 70 years ago. The red colour is also highlighted in the details of the tractor, including in the stitching of the leather interior and the interior light. The anniversary model has black rims and a stainless steel Limited Redition badge.