Versatility, performance and technology: the new McCormick tractors

  • McCormick tractors will be highlighted at the main agricultural machinery exhibitions scheduled to take place in Europe in the early months of 2022. The Argo Tractors brand will showcase its new solutions, which are the result of the group’s research and development activity and further enhance the performance and versatility of its products

The main highlight at McCormick is the new X6.4 P6 Drive Stage V range, designed and built for those looking to find versatility, performance and comfort in a single tractor; an ideal and irreplaceable companion for open-field and multi-utility operations, hay harvesting, and operations that require a loader.

Stage V compliant, thanks to the exhaust gas post-treatment system, the range features three models X6.413, X6.414 and X6.415, powered by 4.5-litre, 16-valve, 4-cylinder FPT NEF 45 engines with a maximum power output of 155hp. The powertrain and transmission layout allows for a wheelbase of 2,560 mm, providing great stability, and at the same time versatility and manoeuvrability.

The P6-Drive transmission with 6 Power Shift gears and 4 ranges offers 24 + 24 ratios, which rise to 40 + 40 when a creeper is fitted. Power output is enhanced by the 4-speed PTO.

The front hitch can lift up to 2,500kg and the electronic rear lifting system up to 7,200kg.

The maximum rear wheel size is 650/60R38 and maximum allowed weight is as high as 9,500 kg.

The closed-centre hydraulic system features a 123 l/min pump capable of handling up to 7 spool valves.

Design, ergonomics, comfort and technology applied to improving working conditions are the other features that make X6.4 P6-Drive the ideal partner in the field and on your farm.

A distinctive feature of the McCormick High Visibility cab is its FOPS-homologated panoramic roof and the hatch for natural ventilation, which enhance the tractor’s performance when using the M40 front loader for bales handling. Also worth mentioning are the LED headlights. Up to 14 headlights are available, 8 of which are incorporated in the roof to provide excellent night vision.

The cab sports a mechanical suspension that, combined with the suspended front axle with independent arms further improves driving comfort.

The cab is designed with high quality automotive-derived materials. The same attention to design and functionality is found in the control instrumentation with its fully ergonomic design, a 12-inch touch screen monitor and all-in-one multifunction joystick.

Great emphasis was placed on adopting solutions that would make tractor maintenance easier. In this context, the new 90-degree opening bonnet and radiators arranged in a fan- shaped layout allow for easy, quick and safe service.

X6.4 P6-Drive features the PSM (Precision Steering Management) system to control and manage satellite guidance. This state-of-the-art technology integrates with the ISOBUS implement control system and the McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system, which significantly reduces operating costs while enhancing efficiency and profitability.

After its successful introduction at Eima 2021, the McCormick X7 SWB (Short Wheelbase) is stage V compliant thanks to the HI-eSCR2 (DOC+SCRoF) exhaust gas treatment system. The tractors in the range are fitted with the new FTP NEF 45, 16-valve, 4.5-litre 4-cylinder engines and FTP NEF 67, 24-valve, 6.7-litre, 6-cylinder engines with Turbo Intercooler and Common Rail electronic injection. McCormick’s X7.618 VT-Drive, which can deliver up to 175hp thanks to the Power Plus system, and the X7.618 P6-Drive, also sporting a 175hp 6- cylinder engine, will represent the new product family.

The continuously variable, 4-stage VT-Drive transmission with 4 sets of crown wheels and oil-cooled clutches guarantees first-class responsiveness. Speeds range from 0.04 km/h to 50 km/h. The transmission is controlled by the EasyPilot joystick, located on the multifunctional armrest for improved ergonomics.

The P6-Drive transmission features 6 Powershift gears under load, 5 robotised ranges and electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle on the steering wheel. In total, gears are 30 Forward + 15 Reverse which become, with the Creeper, 54 Forward + 27 Reverse. The Stop & Action system integrates the De-Clutch into the brake pedal, allowing the tractor to be stopped without depressing the clutch for easier driving on the road. Simultaneous use of the Stop & Action and APS (Auto Powershift) systems allows the P6-Drive transmission to be driven in a similar way to VT-Drive.