Vervaet introduces new rollerbed option

J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd, UK importers of the Vervaet sugar beet harvester range, have announced a new primary cleaning system utilising a rollerbed which will be offered as an option in place of the existing highly regarded turbine based system.

Although not intended as a replacement for the extraordinarily successful turbine-only configuration, the introduction of the Vervaet rollerbed is intended to offer another option for potential customers already operating a rollerbed-type machine in suitable soil types and conditions. This addition makes Vervaet the only harvester manufacturer to offer their customers the option of both methods of primary cleaning.

Lifting is still carried out by Vervaet’s industry leading rotating walking shares, which are well-known to excel in the toughest of conditions. Row width is hydraulically adjustable from 45cm to 50cm in the usual way. The shares are arranged in a straight line so that they present the lifted beet evenly to the rollerbed which is used in place of the two front turbines and consists of seven full-width 100mm diameter rollers. To maximise its cleaning path the first two spiral rollers take the beet outwards whilst all subsequent rollers gather the crop to the centre for onward transport towards the rear of the machine. This configuration can be altered by substituting rollers if required. Shorter rollers either side of the throat form a backstop, helping to bring the beet to the centre.

Roller speed can be varied from the cab to cater for differing conditions and soil types, with the first six grouped together and the seventh roller operated independently. If additional cleaning is required the seventh roller can also be operated in reverse so that it counter-rotates against the preceding roller for a more thorough action.

But it is what comes next which really sets the new Vervaet machine apart from the competition. All other rollerbed-type harvesters use a trace to transport the crop between the front wheels, but the Vervaet rollerbed and want to stay with one, and vice versa with turbines, so we now really can offer an ideal solution to everyone. In the long term I think this new option will have the knock-on effect of further widening the appeal of a reconditioned Vervaet harvester as well.”