Videos highlight how to set up JCB Fastrac’s unique features

A series of “How to…” videos has been compiled by JCB to help operators make the most of the Fastrac 4000 Series high-speed tractor and features such as the unique four-wheel steering system.

Published on JCB Agriculture’s YouTube channel, the videos are informative but kept brief and to the point, explaining how the easily navigated touch-screen in the spacious Command Plus cab is used to achieve optimum settings for different tasks and applications.

JCB Agriculture Managing Director John Smith said: “It would take a very long video to explain all the many features of the Fastrac so instead there are 14 short recordings on specific topics – from setting up the stepless transmission and its various modes to organising a headland management sequence.

“There is no substitute for the detailed operator’s manual or our dedicated Fastrac sales engineers, whose main role is to demonstrate and install new machines with customers and dealers.

“But the videos are easily accessible on an office computer or a mobile device out in the field to support inexperienced and seasonal operators, or to provide a quick reminder on functions that a regular operator may not have used for a while.”

Several of the recordings relate to the tractor’s hardware – things like setting up and operating the four-speed PTO, front and rear linkage, auxiliary hydraulics, four-wheel steering and the transmission, and one covers daily service checks to ensure the tractor is in tip-top condition for a day’s work.

Another six JCB Fastrac “How to….” videos focus on electronics, covering topics such as setting up joystick buttons, the tractor’s area meter, work lights, screen display and headland management sequences, and a further two explain set-ups for the comprehensive lighting package and for the operator’s cab environment to ensure optimum comfort and safety.

As the stepless transmission video explains, the Fastrac is unique in providing not only the seamless speed change characteristics of a CVT but also powershift-like stepped speed changes, which some operators prefer for road travel and certain field operations.

Either way, operators can use the in-cab display to quickly and easily configure the ideal powertrain set-up for every field and transport task from several adjustable control strategies.

John Smith said: “The JCB touch screen has big and instantly recognisable icons that change colour when selected and requires very few inputs to set up or adjust different features on the Fastrac. It’s an operator-friendly device that makes it simple to fine-tune a very sophisticated tractor.”

Another dedicated “How to…” video shows how to set up automatic switching, a feature that reduces the operator’s workload while optimising field performance.

It covers PTO on/off control based on linkage height; auto engaging and disengaging four-wheel drive and diff locks according to ground speed and/or steering angle; and auto switching between two- and four-wheel steering according to implement linkage position or GPS guidance settings.

The four-wheel steering that makes the Fastrac 4000 series tractors such agile machines includes settings for the tightest possible turning circle, for the rear wheels to follow in the tracks of those at the front, and for delaying rear axle steering before transitioning to four-wheel steer once clear of tramlines, potato rigs and so on.

In latest ‘Stage V’ form, the 175hp JCB Fastrac 4160, 208hp 4190 and 235hp 4220 can also have Twin Steer, which provides individual satellite guidance control of each axle for the ultimate in precision steering when operating in crops grown in rows and beds.

John Smith said: “The various steering modes suited to different implements and operations combine with the Fastrac’s 60kph legal top speed and unmatched all-round suspension ride comfort to give the machine outstanding capabilities and productivity.”

The newest Fastrac models also have uprated axles, new high-performance tyre options and a locking (instead of limited slip) front axle differential for increased traction in the field, higher payloads and improved durability, especially when operating with dual wheels.

Also, the EU Stage V emissions-compliant engines have the new JCB Auto-Stop feature to eliminate unnecessary fuel use by shutting down after a period at idling speed, which together with longer service intervals helps reduce running costs.

John Smith concluded: “While being instructive, the “How to…” videos also provide an overview of the features and capabilities of the Fastrac for anyone considering buying one for their farming or contracting business.”

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