Weaving launches new Fenix Grass Drill boasting a multitude of new features

Weaving Machinery are continuing their mission of providing robust and innovative machinery that meets the real needs of UK farmers, all at affordable prices. Launching this spring, their new Fenix Grass Drill is designed to be compact but powerful, ideal for mixed farms and contractors.

“We’ve now had two wet winters in a row,” says Simon Weaving, Sales Director at Weaving Machinery. “Many farms are hoping to reseed and top up their winter grass. From an environmental perspective, they’re understandably trying to plough less. The new Fenix Grass Drill is designed with this in mind.”

The new drill is able to stitch straight into the grass using a 3-inch row and serrated disc. Coulters can be blocked off with ease allowing the drill to be used for wheat, barley or oats and a full width press roller at the back ensures the ground is left in ideal condition for germination. With its 3-metre working width, 80-100 HP power requirement and electric metering, the Fenix Grass Drill represents an attractive and accomplished drilling solution.

“The size may be small, but the functionality and specifications are high,” says Simon. “The Fenix Grass Drill is loaded with valuable features that make a real difference. For example, the 4-inch hydraulic fan blows air to the top of the coulter and then releases 50% of that air allowing the seed to fall freely and saving on fuel consumption.”

The Fenix Grass Drill also comes fully fitted with an electric RDS Artemis Lite metering unit (to ensure you hit the seed rates you’re aiming for) and GPS forward speed sensor. That last feature contrasts with many other drills – which rely on radar technology – in that it allows greater accuracy in all kinds of weather.

The drill is aimed at anyone who specialises in grass farming or performs lots of reseeding, including contractors. “It’s a multipurpose drill,” says Simon. “Even mixed farms that might do a lot of grass drilling but smaller areas of cereals can benefit… the Fenix Grass Drill lets you direct drill cereals or stubble turnips, through its ability to easily block coulters to 6-inch row spacing for conventional systems.”