Weaving Machinery’s new ShortDisc cultivator delivers healthier soils and better weed control

Weaving Machinery has announced the release of a new and upgraded ShortDisc cultivator, now available for spring and summer deliveries. The enhanced ShortDisc adds a suite of new features and refines the classic design to lower soil disturbance and retain moisture while making weed control more effective.

“We’ve taken the previous ShortDisc and reworked it for improved functionality and smoother operation,” says Simon Weaving, Sales Manager at Weaving Machinery. “This isn’t an incremental update. This is a significant step forward that lets farmers achieve more precise seed bed preparation for both stubbles and ploughed ground.”

The new ShortDisc features a massively strengthened “V” ring roller that is capable of much heavier pressing, resulting in improved moisture retention, a completely level seed bed, and a better flush of weeds for more effective management. “The beauty of our new patent-pending ring roller is that it can let trash flow through smoothly, meaning there won’t be any drag or extra horsepower required,” says Simon. “The larger size means better stability and performance at all times, whether the conditions are wet or dry.”

ShortDisc Options

3000M (130 HP, 2000 Kg)

4000M Folding (160 HP, 2600 Kg)

5000M Folding (200 HP, 3200 Kg)

Hydraulic depth control has also been updated, with a new set of aluminium spacers allowing much finer adjustment than before. Combined with the new  bulldog disc, the hydraulics can be set for a much shallower depths than with rigid pins.

“The ShortDisc is more rigid in the ground so you don’t get any bounce at higher speeds,” says Simon. “A lot of our customers have used the previous ShortDisc on ploughed ground as well as stubble. That capability still exists here, along with chopping cover crops which – thanks to the new disc – doesn’t always cut in the same place, making sure the soil moves more at shallower depths.”

The ShortDisc promotes more manageable and effective weed control by leaving the weed burden on the top, running lightly over the top couple of inches for a stale seedbed, enabling a strong flush of weeds prior to desiccation and then drilling without moving the soil profile again. The arm of the disc has also increased to prevent trash build-up between the base of the frame and the top of the disc, while also increasing the shattering effect.

“We build every machine in-house, at our factory in Evesham, ensuring we are in control of every aspect,” concludes Simon. “The ShortDisc makes it more straightforward and accessible than ever to boost your soil health and increase weed control. We’ve designed the ShortDisc for less soil movement while lowering horsepower and diesel requirements, a combination we feel is more suitable than ever to todays farming requirements.”

The new ShortDisc is now available from Weaving Machinery. Visit www.weavingmachinery.net to learn more.






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