When the whole industry comes together – #WeAreLandbased

  • When the whole industry comes together, it’s really amazing what we can do
  • The AEA launches the @wearelandbased campaign

The biggest issue facing the agricultural and outdoor power equipment sectors today is the lack of a newly skilled workforce coming through, and it is becoming ever more critical by the hour. It’s now essential that we attract young talent into the manufacturing and retail base. We must present the industry in a way that inspires future generations, we must speak to them in ways that they understand, we must showcase just exactly what land-based engineering is, and what it has to offer.

Land-based engineering covers a whole breadth of sectors. It covers agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and groundscare, and in each of these sectors there is a significant requirement for talented individuals to join the industry. The Land-based Engineering – Training & Education Committee (LE-TEC)* is set to shine a light on the world of land-based engineering, from information sources to educational and career pathways, through to the jobs you can do and ambassadors who can help you.

When 13–17-year-olds think about their future, chances are land-based engineering doesn’t cross their minds.

Ruth Bailey, CEO of the AEA, explains the reasoning behind the new campaign, “Recruitment, as with many industries has been difficult for us for many years. Our industry is an absolute gem but one that is little-known outside of the industry. This campaign brings the industry together and gives a collective voice to help share and promote what we as an industry have offer to a wider audience. It is aimed at 13 – 17 year olds and pulls together a whole array of careers information, from an educational stand-point showing the qualifications you can achieve, to some of the amazing new technologies that you could be working with, and, of course, highlighting the jobs and companies that could be open to you as a youngster just about to start your career. It’s really exciting!”

The website and links provide a directly relevant hub of information, aimed at those looking at their career choices. It also provides information for teachers and parents and opens up the complete world of opportunity that is land-based engineering for anyone with engineering on their radar. If you want easily accessible and succinct information about a career in land-based engineering, then it’s all here. The whole website is packed full of information, technicians’ videos and industry champions, and it will be promoted as widely as possible through a strong marketing and social media campaign: @wearelandbased on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.