Yamaha adds 10-year belt warranty to ATV and SBS models

  • Yamaha is adding a generous 10-year belt warranty to models using the renowned Ultramatic® transmission offering added peace of mind for users and contributing to reducing long-term ownership costs

The warranty covers all assembled V-belts on the European models for the current 2022 model year.

The side-by side models running the proven Ultramatic® transmission include the Wolverine RMAX 1000, Wolverine 850 and Viking 700 vehicles. While the Kodiak 450, Kodiak 700 and Grizzly 700 ATV models will also benefit from the new warranty period.

Yamaha’s Ultramatic® transmission automatically provides the optimum drive ratio, so instant power is always available to the operator, while all-wheel engine braking makes it easy to carry out controlled descents.

Other benefits of a Yamaha ATV include low speed pulling power and the ability to seamlessly get up to speed without the need for gear changes.