Yanmar Upgrades Robot Tractor Series in Japan

Yanmar Agribusiness Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yanmar Holdings has announced the upgrades of its autonomous tractor series, which are capable of full or partially autonomous work. The new versions will go on sale in Japan from April 1st, 2021.

Recent years have seen an increase in large scale farming in Japan, brought on by consolidation of smaller farms into larger enterprises. At the same time, a declining and aging farming population has led to workforce shortages in Japanese agriculture. The market for autonomous agricultural machinery is rising to meet these challenges. Yanmar’s upgraded robot/auto tractors will utilize a multi-frequency antenna for stable connection and higher positioning accuracy towards a safer, even more efficient autonomous tractor.

“Yanmar’s auto tractor and robot tractor have found favor in the farming community for their efficiency, reliability and accuracy,” said Nagamori Masuda, Yanmar Agribusiness president. “With these new models, Yanmar offers farmers even more value with more robust positioning technology that allows even greater flexibility in the field.”

Yanmar will continue to work to meet customer’s needs, contributing to a sustainable agriculture.