Goodyear farm tires technology proves answer for big bud the world’s biggest tractor

  • Goodyear fits tires to world’s biggest tractor
  • First time tires changed since tractor was built in 1977
  • The LSW 1400/30R46s are the largest agricultural tyres in the world


Goodyear’s Low Sidewall (LSW) 1400/30R46s have been fitted to the 1,100hp Big Bud 16V-747.

The fitting of eight new rims and tyres took place at the Heartland Museum in Clarion in Iowa, where the giant tractor has been hosted for the last seven years.  It is thought to be the first time the tyres have been changed since the tractor was built in 1977.

The entire width of the Big Bud, which was paraded down a high street after the tyre change, stands at 25 feet. While the tyres utilised are not currently available across the UK and Europe, the selection provides a major endorsement of the LSW technology.

Scott Sloan, Agricultural Product Manager of Goodyear Farm Tires, said: “I’ve done a lot of projects in 20 years at Goodyear Farm Tires and this has been the biggest and most challenging, but one we are all very proud of.

“There was an extremely iconic tractor with extremely large tyres on it already but we also wanted to retain the persona of the tractor.

“The LSW 1400/30R46s are the largest agricultural tyres in the world so it seemed appropriate to use them on the largest agricultural tractor in the world.

“As soon as we got the Big Bud out of the shed and started putting on the new tyres, we knew we were on to a winner.”

LSW assemblies have proven a huge success for farmers across the world, with a larger rim diameter and smaller tyre sidewall ensuring less pressure is spread over a much wider footprint, helping to eliminate road lope and power hop.

Lindsay Hart, European Tyre Sales Director for Titan International, said: “The specific product used on the Big Bud isn’t available in the UK and Europe at present.

“However, it’s extremely exciting to see the LSW tyres utilised on such an iconic tractor which is known across the world.

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